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Mechanism of the Seasons:


Earth Rotation and Revolution Around a Moving Sun:

Non-video visuals for understanding the equinox:

an old page put out by washington state university

Maps and charts of time and daylight:

Thanks to the photographers on Flickr for sharing squirrel photos.

For more on squirrels try:

And in Episode 4 of David Attenborough's Life of Mammals, “Chisellers”

1998 study on acorns and squirrels:


Cornell Lab of Ornithology - a great site for bird ID assistance and bird information!

The beneficial side of rosa rugosa:

A website / portal for mapping invasive species:

The RI Wild Plant Society

A nice series on seed and fruit development that includes the cross section of rose hip used for this illustration:

A detailed and methodical description of processing rose hips at:


Sources for the current issue include:

Reference books:

David Sibley's Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern N. America, 2003

National Audobon Society Field Guide to N. American Birds, 1994

NOAA 10 basic cloud types:

Research shows that some clouds synchronise their rainfall. Read about synchronous clouds here:

About feathers:

A classic piece of radio to listen to is the BBC broadcast of the cello and the nightingales:

About crows:

also (NOT family friendly, but good for a chuckle)


Class: Insecta

order: Hemiptera

family cicadidae

subfamily: cicadinae

genus: Neotibicen

Sources for the issue include:

David Robinson July 3, 2014 “Allow Your Wings to Dry”

Massachusetts Cicada researcher

cicada mania – a description of how and why the cicada makes its call including audio samples of different kinds of calls


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