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COLORHODEISLAND is an ongoing project to illustrate and document wildlife and plants of the Rhode Island area in a coloring page format. Issues will be released as they are completed and published both as a 2 page PDF (printable and easily readable) and as a single coloring page (for use with coloring apps). There will be 36 issues total, and more, if it catches on!

COLORHODEISLAND's pages will feature patterns and images of birds, animals, plants, insects, fungi etc. that can be seen in Southeastern New England. Each issue will tell a story or poem about the scene in larger type, and in smaller type there will be more detail about the featured life forms. The issues are organized to correspond with what you might find in season. These are plants and animals that I have seen in RI myself, while driving, taking walks, and visiting rivers, parks, beaches etc.

In the dark of winter I hope to write and illustrate two fairy tales that I made up for my daughters, and I will release those stories in weekly installments then. 


After being raised by research scientists, and trained in top academic institutions, I defected and grew up in the semi-feral culture and environment of Providence, RI. I have worked for many years as an art and general education teacher, and with the experience of 40 years of life I now feel capable of taking on the task of building culture for the next generation. With this project I am attempting to activate the understanding that we are, at every moment, alive within a living environment.

I hope to help readers and colorers to become alert to the natural world in their everyday environment.


Coloring pages can be used by all ages for meditation and to relieve stress (see sources page for more on this). This series will be of particular use to adults seeking to reconnect with nature in their every day lives, teachers in search of extra classroom materials, and for parents looking for unbranded, non-cartoonified material to enjoy with their children.

I first encountered the idea of coloring as a stress- relief / meditation / focus tool from an article put out by a WELEARN women’s literacy newsletter. ( I started using simple coloring pages in my classroom as part of a stress-management lesson. I encouraged students to color as a free-time activity, and even as a pre-test activity to establish focus. Students loved it; I myself started to color occasionally when I needed to take breaks. I found that I often had to design my own pages to get the right level of complexity and interest. I now use coloring routinely in the classroom, and even color my own patterns when I can find the time.

Below are two articles about the benefits of coloring:

“Coloring Isn't Just For Kids. It Can Actually Help Adults Combat Stress.”By Elena Santos 10-13-2014 The Huffington Post (

“Adults Who Color Tout Tranquility, Mindfulness, Stress Relief”

By Grace Smith in Education News Wednesday 4-1-2015


What to color with?

Treat yourself to pens, pencils and crayons that make a satisfying mark. There is nothing more irritating than a poorly functioning crayon or pencil - or a drying out marker! Buy one good set of simple colors. Learn how to mix them! Don't leave them out as kids' playthings. They will be destroyed :(


Warning: Advice here may be out of date! Apps change all the time. Search for “coloring” and “paint bucket” and you will find plenty.

You can open the single page .png files using a coloring application on a device.

There are two approaches:

1) Let the computer figure out how to stay in the lines. For this use a program with a “paint bucket”

For ex:

paint bucket coloring (android)

coloring plus (windows)

paintbrush (mac)

2) Use your own skill to fill areas.

In this case try Sketchbook or any other simple drawing program.


I owe a huge debt in my work to the computer coders who create and share open source software. This project would not have been possible without the following free programs:

Inkscape (layout)

GIMP (image editing)

LibreOffice (writing)

BlueGriffon (web site design)

FileZilla (sends files to internet host)

one place to find free software is:

also I figured out how to make this page by using the tutorials at:

Thanks for reading and happy coloring!


Beatrice McGeoch

Creative Commons License COLORHODEISLAND by Beatrice McGeoch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.